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Barmlo offers construction services in various forms for both small and large projects. Barmlo construction has got three main Construction Facilities and these are:

  1. Pay As You Go Facility
    Under this building facility our clients enjoy a flexible payment plan that allows them to pay for the construction of their projects in stages. This reduce a huge obligation of paying a lump some of money before the project is complete. The client will only pay half of a particular stage and pay off the balance upon completion of such stage and process goes on until the project is completed.
  2. Advance Payment Facility
    This building Facility that allows our customers to pay instalments for their Construction projects for a targeted stage, once the full payment is made, the construction will commence, this facility gives flexibility to our clients as this allows our clients to pay at their pace without financial pressure as the development will depend on payments.
  3. Easy Build Credit Facility
    This construction facility allows our clients to construct their projects on a credit basis. The client is required to pay 30% upfront of the total amount required for the completion of their project, and the remaining 70% is paid in installments over a period not exceeding 36Months / 3 Years.

Why Choose Us!!!!

Many land owners in Zimbabwe are struggling with having their Projects built. This challenge is emanating from the fact that its difficult to raise enough money  to get your Projects done and that there are many service providers who are placing emphasis on profitability as compared to quality delivery.

As Barmlo, to deal with this Challenges being faced by land owners, we came up with an innovative solution and facilities to make it easy and possible for land owners to build their houses with our various building  facilities .

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