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We offer best building facilities through our building programs such as;

  1. ’Pay as You Go’’

Under this building facility our clients enjoy a flexible payment plan that allows them to pay for the construction of their house in stages. This reduce a huge obligation of paying a lump some of money before the project is complete. The client will only pay half of a particular stage and pay off the balance upon completion of such stage and process goes on until the project is completed.

  1. ‘’Layby Payment Plan”

This building Facility that allows our customers to pay instalments for their building project for a targeted stage, once the full payment is made, the construction we begun, this facility give flexibility payment plan to our clients as this allows our clients to pay at their peace without financial pressure as the development will depend on payments.

  1. ‘’Supply of Materials’’

We can supply only materials to our clients who have their own builders, under this facility clients will benefit free delivery of materials within 10km radius from any of our retail shops, or a very minimum transport charges for longer distances.

  1. ’Construction services’’

We can offer construction Services to clients who have building materials. Under this facility, our clients will benefit quality workmanship as we work with experienced and qualified personal who knows their job. We come with general equipment such as wheelbarrows, shovels, picks, scaffolding, food, and accommodation cabins for our employees this will reduce any hustle for the client to source further tools for his/her project. We do all that for no extra cost.

v)   ‘’Fix and supply’’

We do fix and supply of building facility, under this facility we provide materials and labor services for construction of the project. The client will benefit free delivery of materials anywhere in the country. Storage and security of materials on site. Free water supply where there is no water connection, Free supply of equipment such as wheelbarrows, picks, shovels, soil compact machines, concrete mixtures, scaffolding, accommodation cabins for builders and materials on site, etc.  

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